Interesting and Exciting Photography

It has been an interesting and exciting school year for photography. 6th formers have been enjoying their digital photography workshop on Friday afternoons, where they have been developing and enhancing their photography and photoshop skills. Projects have ranged from movement, portraiture, landscape and making ‘craft’ name photos. You can see a selection of the girls’ work in computer room one.
The camera clubs have also been busily snapping their way through the year. The junior club have been enjoying working with a 50mm lens in the art of portraiture, as well as taking photographs for a chemistry project entitled: ‘what chemistry means to me.’The senior camera club is also working on enhancing skills and portfolios. After the highly successful project of the ‘alternative teacher portraits’, the girls have turned the lenses on themselves. They are documenting the U6th with their own ‘alternative portraits’ in their last year of the school. As well as the above, there have been a lot of girls coming to Mr. Mackinnon to seek guidance for their Duke of Edinburgh awards, where they have used photography as a project towards the award. Photography portfolio reviews are very much welcomed from any students to help them in any way with their Duke of Edinburgh.


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